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A Message to the Hospitality Industry

Every day that you don't use mattress protectors in your business, you are literally rolling the dice and hoping (against the odds) that you won't lose a lot of money from ruined mattresses.

How will your mattresses get ruined? You already know the most common ways -- from human stains, from spilled food and drinks, from mites, from bedbug infestation. Every new guests walk into your business carrying these risks with them.

This is the main reason motels and hotels call us for their mattress protectors, and the reason why I am taking the time to contact you today.

I am not trying to scare you, but only to remind you how urgent this is. I know you're busy, but this is important: Please take a moment now to remove mattresses from your daily list of worries.

If you order now, you will get a 30 day Risk Free TRIAL of our Mattress Encasement. If within 30 days of receiving your Mattress Encasement, you are not 100% happy, just send it back for a full refund. It's that simple

If you have any questions, feel free to call me here at 1-800-670-7066 Remember, your Free Trial offer is only good for a limited time, so take a moment to order now and avoid losing out on this offer.


p.s. Here's a note I just received from one of our many happy customers…...

"Trust me, I always shop around. The quality of the mattress encasements you sent me surpassed all others I tested, and the cost was very reasonable. In addition, my staff liked them so much they want to order them for their homes."

Thanks again,

The Palms Hotel
Key West, Florida